डॉक्टर संपावर

January 2, 2014 4:09 PM2 commentsViews: 992

  • Neelu Chaudhari

    The doctor has a back pack, he is not attending to a head injury or available for emergency delivery but is trying to get to work which he is prevented from doing. The Police do not tell a doctor how to prioritise his work or beat him up if he doesn’t do as he is told. Police are not doctors’ doctors. Police have no business in a hospital. Their role is protection of the public from crimes of theft, murder and assault on the streets. The doctor is not in a street and he is not threatening the public with crimes or committing them but is arriving in hospital to do his work.

    The BIG question is, who ordered three Police officers to take over the running of the hospital from doctors? Who authorised Police to give orders to doctors as to what to do and what not to do? Clearly this is the responsibility of the Central Government, not individual Police Officers who are following Orders.

    No Police Officer should take Orders to enter hospitals to attack doctors, even from the Government. What we have here is full proof of a total breakdown of Central Government in India. The Government must be removed in an emergency and the leaders arrested. They have been caught red-handed for the world to see what non-sense goes on everyday in India.

    This is enough to bring private prosecutions against those running Central Government and get them arrested for the embezzlement of public money, committing crimes against the public by attacking those serving the public and implementing militarisation of State hospitals, thereby denying the people access to health services.

    Those to be arrested in Central Govt are:

    Prime Minister, Deputy PM, Home Ministers, Health Ministers,

    There must be declared a State of Emergency in India and arrest of Government leaders in Central Government after filing FIR’s and bringing Private Prosecutions

    see http://www.icj13.webs.com/indictment

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  • Ranjit Ghadge

    जर पोलीस खरंच त्या महीलेला मद्त करत असतील अन डॊक्टर अडमुठेपना करत असेल तर पोलीसच काय,कोनीही अश्या डॊक्टरला फ़टकावल्या शिवाय राहणार नाही…मदत करण्यासाठी कशाचीच वाट बघण्याची गरज नाही