डॉ. अभय बंग यांची संपूर्ण मुलाखत

January 5, 2014 7:52 PM1 commentViews: 989

  • Deenbondhu

    The best point is at 18:40-20:00. ‘One can’t cut the branch one is sitting on!’

    Same point is made by the Archimedes’ quote!

    To try and reform a dysfunctional & corrupt government by operating from within that ‘defective system of governance &
    legislation(i.e., India-style Parliamentary Democracy)’ is like
    ‘a person standing inside a bucket and trying to lift it.’
    [Laws of physics simply won’t allow this.]

    But it is outrageous that in the beginning “emo-political blackmail by fasting” is still lauded in a so-called democracy in 2014! It has been proven by hindsight that none of Gandhi’s pro-Muslim-bias fasts have actually benefited India’s interests.
    Discussing the place of Anna Hazare’s fasts (2 ineffective in Delhi, one effective in Ralegan Siddhi…) was most stupidly comic! If anything, it proves that Anna’s fasts had absolutely nothing to do with passing of the bill, THE BILL went through its natural course!