ग्रेट भेट : फादर फ्रान्सिस दिब्रिटो (भाग 2)

January 6, 2014 11:52 AM2 commentsViews: 844

  • vishal

    dated 11 jan 2014
    father francis dibrito
    Please ask Mr.father fransic dibrito, if he wants yeshu please go to VASAI ROAD(WEST) and catch bus to ASHIRWAD PRARTHANA KENDRA bus stop
    no 1. He will get YESHU. Because yeshu gave me his darshan. I am marathi hindu.other marathi hindu people also got yeshu and
    also making conversation with yeshu.so please go and get yeshu at ASHIRWAD PRARTHANA KENDRA.BROTHER SEBASTIAN MARTIN is there. Once you enter inside you are not allowed to go outside of prarthana Kendra before 5.30 pm
    Go at saturday or sunday.timing 9 am to 5.30 pm.
    Email : vishalsingasane31@gmail.com

  • Vikram

    why comment is deleted. I am asking for nullification of such beliefs. Mr. Narendra Dabholkar fought for same through out life… How come Andhha shradhha samiti is not aware of such circus is going around.

    Same organization do dharna andolan infront of temple then what wrong with doing same in front of church, freedom of expression secularism is guaranteed by constitution…