‘आप’ची पंचाईत, भारतींच्या राजीनाम्यासाठी दबाव वाढला

January 23, 2014 1:47 PM3 commentsViews: 1320

somnath bharti 4323 जानेवारी : दिल्लीचे कायदा मंत्री सोमनाथ भारती यांनी राजीनामा द्यावा यासाठी त्यांच्यावर दबाव वाढतंच चाललाय. युंगाडाच्या महिलांना अपमानास्पद वागणूक दिल्याप्रकरणी त्यांच्याविरोधात 3 एफआयआर दाखल करण्यात आले आहे.

त्यातच आरोपी महिलेनं भारती यांना ओळखल्यानं त्यांच्या अडचणीत आणखी वाढ झालीय. मुख्यमंत्री अरविंद केजरीवाल यांनी आज गुरुवारी नायब राज्यपाल नजीब जंग यांची भेट घेतली.

दिल्लीच्या कायदा आणि सुव्यवस्थेबद्दल चर्चा करण्यासाठी ही भेट असल्याचं सांगण्यात आलं. मात्र, अशा बैठकांना हजर असणारे पोलीस आयुक्त यावेळी हजर नव्हते. केजरीवाल यांच्या भेटीनंतर काँग्रेसचं शिष्टमंडळ नायब राज्यपालांच्या भेटीला गेलंय.

  • Rahul Kulkarni

    Its a vauge . What he did , he was stoping the malpractises happenening in delhi . Media was there . So many foreign nationatioals comes to india and take the dis advantages of the rules . And vice versa our indian brothers and sisters do abroad to get work permit .
    Instead of supporting them , u are after them.

    wagle ji dance bars are open in mumbai . I can take u there . Corruption is there . Why so much sympathy abt african woman . Medical pharmacist is not there.
    Hats off hon mr mahesh zagde sir . Same cause .
    My sincere request not to hurt any one or ur channel. Focus shld be on dev issues. Only . Let this election be fought on development only

  • Rahul Kulkarni

    I knew my comments wont get published. All the best to Ibn lokmat . Majahab nahi sikhata aapas mai bair rakhna . Congress bjp is fighting ,
    My sincere req is that we all are indians . My half of the relatives stays abroad . Let the election be on development issue . Even i wl go abroad .

  • RS

    @ Rahul Kulkarni : I don’t agree with you, I think everybody should respect women no matter what she is, even she is prostitute. As Chief minister or law minister should follow law, they launch FIR , come with whatever document required for raid and then raid, for Law minister its not tough job, instead of doing that he did all this for cheap publicity. All international news channel criticizing act done by law minister.