ग्रेट भेट : योगगुरू बीकेएस अय्यंगार

February 24, 2014 2:55 PM2 commentsViews: 1602

  • Gauri Karam

    Please make this video available for the viewers in USA. Thanks!

  • Kunal

    Yoga guru’s interview is One of the best “Great Bhet” interviews conducted by Mr. Wagale.
    I donno who all are lined up in un future list of guests, i wud suggest plz interview more such celebrities who are are not marathi by origin but speak marathi & have lived all there life in Maharashtra. In the past u have already conducted interviews of celebs like Aamir & Priya Dutt which were also very good.
    There are Celebs from Sporting world from Maharashtra who could feature in ur interviews like:
    Danraj Pillai, Ravi Shashtri, Zaheer Khan.