‘आम्ही तर पोस्टमॅन’

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बातम्यांच्या अपडेटसाठी कनेक्ट राहा आमच्या फेसबुक पेज आणि टि्वटर अकाऊंटसोबत

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  • Rajesh Baliram Nehete

    I have to give Cheque of Rs:-15000/- to Nana Patekar How i can send

  • Pawankumar Rájpùt

    Beed Me jakar un logo ko dekar aao jinhe iss barish k na aane se roti mil nho rahi hai. Ok sir and thanks for help us

  • Sunill Dev

    How do I send check to Mr. Patekar?

  • Sunill Dev

    The efforts being lead by Mr. Patekar and Mr. Anaspure are worthy of their stature. Being an Indian and being human, if we can get everyone to help our less fortunate farmers who are suffering because we are not helping them. Our Government has blind sided them. All politicians go and meet them for Photo ops. What we should do is to confiscate fortune amassed by corrupt politicians should be distributed to the honest, hard working farmers.

    We have seen since Independence that 80% of people in power are useless and scumbags, just making fortune for themselves but not helping the nation and job they are elected to do. Its unfortunate and heart breaking to see farmers committing suicide because nation of 1 billion people can not take care of them.